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Namacpacan Church

Namacpacan Church is a historical and cultural landmark in Luna, La Union, Philippines. It is a Roman Catholic church that was built by the Spanish colonizers in 1690 to protect the coastal town from pirates and invaders. It is dedicated to Saint Catherine of Alexandria, the patron saint of the town, and also to the Chinese sea goddess Mazu, who is also known as Ma-Cho or Tianhou.

The church has a striking facade that features rounded pediments, twin belfries, and engaged columns. It is classified as an Earthquake Baroque church, a style of architecture that was designed to withstand the frequent earthquakes in the Philippines. The church has thick walls, buttresses, and a capilla possa (ceremonial archway) at the entrance.

The church is also home to Apo Baket, a six-foot-tall wooden image of the Blessed Virgin Mary that was brought from Spain in 1872. The image is believed to have miraculous powers and is venerated by many devotees. According to legend, the image was supposed to be delivered to Vigan, but the ship that carried it encountered a storm and had to dock in Darigayos, a nearby village. When the weather cleared, the ship tried to resume its voyage, but it was forced to return by strong winds. The captain then decided to transport the image by land, but it became too heavy to move. The locals interpreted this as a sign that the image wanted to stay in Luna.

Namacpacan Church is open to the public every day, from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. The entrance fee is 20 pesos per person. You can also visit some nearby attractions, such as the Luna Pebble Beach, the Baluarte Watch Tower, and the Kamay na Bato Art Gallery.

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Namacpacan Rd, Victoria, Luna, La Union
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