Kaparkan Falls

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Kaparkan Falls

Kaparkan Falls is a multi-tiered waterfall that cascades down a series of limestone formations. It is one of the most spectacular and unique waterfalls in the country. It is located in the town of Tineg in the province of Abra, Philippines.

The waterfall is also known as Mulawin Falls or Kaparkan Spring Terraces. It has a height of about 100 meters and a width of about 500 meters. The waterfall has several pools and streams that create a staircase-like appearance. The water is clear and cool and comes from the nearby mountains.

The waterfall is a popular tourist destination, as it offers a stunning view of nature and a relaxing atmosphere. The waterfall is also a source of livelihood for the local communities, who harvest the algae that grow on the limestone rocks and sell them as food or fertilizer.

However, the waterfall is also challenging to access, as it requires a four-wheel drive vehicle and a short hike. The waterfall is only accessible during the dry season, from August to October, when the road is passable. The waterfall is also prone to flash floods during the rainy season, which can pose a danger to visitors.


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