House of Dakay

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House of Dakay

House of Dakay

House of Dakay is the oldest stone house in Batanes, the northernmost province of the Philippines. It is located in the town of San Jose de Ivana in Batan Island. It is considered as a UNESCO Heritage Building and a symbol of the rich culture and history of Batanes.

The house was built in 1887 by Luisa Estrella, who later gave it to her favorite nephew, Jose "Dakay" Estrella. The house is one of the few traditional Ivatan houses that survived the 1918 earthquake that destroyed most of the stone houses on the island. The house has thick walls made of stone and lime, and a roof thatched with cogon grass. The roof is about one-third of a meter thick and lasts for 25 to 30 years. It has been replaced every 30 years since 1917.

The house is open to the public and visitors can see the interior and learn more about the life of the Ivatans, the indigenous people of Batanes. The house is also a popular spot for photography, as it showcases the architectural heritage and natural beauty of Batanes. Visitors can also wear traditional Ivatan costumes and pose with Lola Ida, the caretaker of the house and a descendant of Jose Estrella. Lola Ida is very friendly and hospitable, and she has appeared in many magazines and documentaries about Batanes.

The house is easily accessible by tricycle or private van from Basco, the capital town of Batanes. It is part of the South Batan Tour, which usually costs P1000 per tricycle (good for 2 pax). The best time to visit the house is during the summer season, from March to May, when there is less rainfall and more sunshine.

House of Dakay is not only a beautiful spot for relaxation and rejuvenation, but also a symbol of the natural beauty, architectural heritage, and historical significance of Batanes.


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