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Halo-halo de Iloko

Halo-halo de Iloko is a famous restaurant in La Union, Philippines, that specializes in halo-halo, a Filipino dessert made of shaved ice, milk, and various ingredients. Halo-halo means "mix-mix" in Filipino, and it is a refreshing and delicious treat that can be enjoyed in any season. Here are some facts about Halo-halo de Iloko that you might find interesting:

• Halo-halo de Iloko was founded by Xavier Mercado, who started selling halo-halo in his ancestral house in 2004. He converted his home into a restaurant-museum, where he displays his collection of antiques and memorabilia. He also hosts cultural events and festivals at his place.

• Halo-halo de Iloko offers different types of halo-halo, such as the Fiesta Halo-Halo, the Crispy Halo-Halo, the Buko Halo-Halo, and the Puto Bumbong Halo-Halo. Each type has its own unique combination of ingredients and toppings, such as ube, leche flan, cheese, ice cream, rice cakes, and crispy rice.

• Halo-halo de Iloko uses local and organic products from La Union for its halo-halo. Some of the ingredients are ugoy (local crackers), powdered rice, kam-ube (sweet potato-ube), honey, and fresh coconut. The restaurant also makes its own milk and sugar from carabao's milk and sugarcane.

• Halo-halo de Iloko is not only a dessert place, but also a restaurant that serves Filipino and Ilocano dishes. Some of the specialties are bagnet (deep-fried pork belly), pinakbet (mixed vegetables with shrimp paste), dinengdeng (vegetable soup with fish sauce), and empanada (stuffed pastry). The restaurant also serves wine made from grapes grown in La Union.

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