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Callao Cave

Callao Cave is a seven-chamber cave that is located in the town of Peñablanca, Cagayan Province, in the Cagayan Valley region of the Philippines. It is one of the most famous caves in the Philippines, as it is where the oldest human fossil in Southeast Asia was discovered in 2007. The fossil, named Callao Man, is estimated to be 67,000 years old and belongs to a previously unknown human species.

The cave has a natural cathedral-like entrance and a skylight that illuminates the main chamber. The main chamber also serves as a chapel, where a wooden altar and pews are placed. The cave has six other chambers that are connected by narrow passages. The chambers have different names, such as Dark Room, Skeleton Room, and Diamond Room. The cave has various rock formations, such as stalactites, stalagmites, columns, flowstones, and draperies. Some of the formations have interesting shapes, such as an elephant's head, a rocket, and a dinosaur's foot.

The cave is easily accessible by car or by tricycle from Tuguegarao City, the capital city of Cagayan Province. It is about 24 kilometers away from the city and takes about 45 minutes to reach. The entrance fee to the cave is P20 per person. You can also hire a guide for P300 per group. The best time to visit the cave is during the summer season, from March to May, when there is less rainfall and more sunshine. You can also catch a spectacular sunset from the cave entrance, as it faces west.

The cave is not only a place to enjoy nature and adventure, but also a place to appreciate the history and culture of Cagayan Province. It showcases the rich heritage and diversity of the people who live in this region, such as the Ibanags, Ilocanos, Itawes, Gaddangs, Malaues, Agtas, Atas, Yogads, Isnegs, Kalingas and Ibatans. You can also learn more about the archaeological and scientific significance of the cave and its fossils.



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