Balay Anito Falls

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Balay Anito Falls

Balay Anito Falls is a beautiful and natural attraction in La Union, Philippines. It is also known as the house of unseen friends or anitos, which are spirits or deities in the indigenous Filipino beliefs. The waterfall cascades to a very deep pool called ban-aw, which is about 20 meters deep. The sides of the pool are so steep that one has to cling to the exposed roots of trees along the precipice in order to get down.

Balay Anito Falls is located in Santol, a coastal town that is famous for its pebble beach and stone-picking industry. It is about 4-5 kilometers from the main town and can be reached by a tricycle or a motorcycle. The waterfall is also near the Bacsil Ridge, a historical site where a fierce battle between the Filipino-American forces and the Japanese invaders took place during World War II.

Balay Anito Falls is a great place for adventure seekers and nature lovers who want to experience the untouched beauty of La Union. The waterfall offers a refreshing and relaxing view, as well as a thrilling and challenging descent. The pool is also ideal for swimming and diving, especially for those who are good swimmers. However, visitors should be careful and jump at their own risk, as the water is very deep and there are no lifeguards or safety measures.


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Sitio Banbanaba, Santol, La Union

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