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Abuan River

Abuan River is a river in the Philippines that flows through the province of Isabela. It is one of the tributaries of the Cagayan River, the longest and largest river in the country. Abuan River has a length of 83 kilometers and a basin size of 1,125 square kilometers. It originates from the Sierra Madre mountain range and drains into the Cagayan River near Ilagan City.

Abuan River is named after the Ibanag word abuan, which means “big” or “great”. It is found in the central part of Isabela Province in the municipalities of Ilagan, Divilacan, Palanan, and Maconacon .

Abuan River is a natural attraction that offers a scenic and adventurous experience for visitors. You can enjoy rafting, kayaking, boating, fishing, and swimming in the clear and calm water. You can also explore the surrounding forest, which has diverse flora and fauna.

Abuan River is also rich in history and culture. It was once a trading post for the Japanese, who were allied with the native Ibanag people in the 16th century. It was also the site of the 1582 Cagayan battles, which were fought between Spanish soldiers and Japanese ronin (masterless samurai) .



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